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White Oak Mercantile

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Table Top Set

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Our hand painted Santa table top set is a wonderful way to add some whimsy to your Christmas decor!

Our set is laser cut from 1/4" maple or birch, making it sturdier than the typical 1/8" material used by most. 

Your set comes fully assembled, with the exception of the bases.  Slots are included on the bases to insert your pieces.  The bases are labeled on the back to assist you in proper placement.

Santa Claus is approx. 13" tall x 9.5" wide
Mrs. Claus is approx. 13" tall x 6.5" wide
Santa's Sleigh is approx. 10" tall x 14" wide

**The bases for Santa & Mrs. Claus are wider than the base for the sleigh, with larger slots to allow you more freedom in placement.

A combination of stains, paints & metallic glazes are used for our Christmas decor collection.

**Accessories (greenery, macrame trees) are not included.

Shipping & Returns

We do not accept exchanges or product returns. All sales are final with the exception of items that arrive damaged from shipping. Please see our FAQs page for complete details.

Hanging Instructions

Our large signs come with our own cleat system pre-installed. Please see the back of our thank-you card for full written instructions.

Leaners, shelf sitters and small signs do not come with hanging hardware.

Please read through the item description to find out if your item(s) come with hanging hardware.

Care Instructions

Please keep in mind that, while sealed, all of our signs are painted. We recommend that you use a clean & dry microfiber cloth to clean. If you need to clean a smudge/splatter, we recommend you use a damp (barely damp) microfiber cloth to gently clean your item. Do NOT use cleaning products, and please never scrub or use heavy pressure to clean your signs or other items.

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